True Light undertakes long terms as well as short term scaffolding contracts works which includes Design, Supply, Erection & Tag Certification of scaffolding for Industrial Plants, Construction Industries, Oil & Gas Industries. Our competent and certified scaffolders and engineers together help in ensures safety and design requirement at site. We deliver customized and prepackaged safety, quality services to various industries. With the right skill and expertise, we always give importance to the customer satisfaction.
Our experienced project and engineering team will always assist the clients to identify the actual requirement of scaffoldings at the project site through a combined site survey/visit. As we believe the safety and quality of Scaffoldings are giving more importance by all the contractors/consultants we follow the BS EN standards for our scaffolding materials and preparing the designs and calculations in line with the BS EN codes.
Scaffolding is a type of Temporary structure that support workers and or materials while other larger structures are being built, repaired, or maintained. Scaffold is made up of different frames and planks that are held in place by bolts or couplers. Depending on the purpose of scaffolding, it can be made in different sizes and shapes. There are many types of scaffolding.
The most commonly used in industries are :-
1. Independent Scaffolds
2. Tower Scaffold
3. Birdcage Scaffold
4. Suspended Scaffold
5. Cantilever Scaffold
6. Mobile Scaffold