TRANSIZ is a panel building & Hardware integration of Industrial Control Panels for clients in a wide range of industries.

The TRANSIZ’s technical teams throughout the region have the required expertise for the design, procurement and assembly of control panels and the associated integrated electrical equipment.

TRANSIZ have panel building workshop with testing facility in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi (7500 square feet area)

Our Panel Assembly can be part of a turn-key project or as an individual service based on customer requirements.

To ensure quality control, all panels must pass thorough quality Testing (QC) before shipment.


TRANSIZ provides of control panels and sub-assemblies for clients in a variety of industries. Using state of the art equipment, such as our laser engravers, automatic wire cutting, wire stripping, and automated crimping tools, along with our high speed labeler systems, we are able to quickly tool up for either large or small production runs of control panel & assemblies. Our specialized equipment and construction practices allow for consistent quality and short lead times.

TRANSIZ can produce custom test fixtures allowing for thorough functionality testing of all Industrial Control Panels.

Hardware Integration

We offer services for
• Industrial Control Panels
• Network Panels
• Server panels
• Marshalling Panels
• Motor Control Centre (MCC)
• Starter Panels
• Mimic Control Panels
• Auto & Manual Change Over Panels
• Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panel
• Relay Control Panels
• VFD & Soft-starter Panels
• Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Panels
• PLC Control Panels
• DCS Control Centers
• Communications Panels
• PLC, HMI, SCADA development
• Testing and installation - start-up (Pre-FAT & FAT)
• Custom industrial control panel design
• AutoCAD and ePLAN
• Loop Drawing preparation
• Panel Design as per customer requirement
The panels are designed and build with utmost emphasis on quality, stringent quality checks tests are done at various stages of manufacturing. The panels are manufactured as per the international quality constraints. We built in accordance with the highest standards in panel wiring and assembly.
A Control Panel: The Skilled Teams Behind the Process.

We have Professional Engineers prepared to handle your critical design projects. Our team will work with you, from inception to installation

There are thousands of components and connections in an enclosure. You need them to fit together and work seamlessly to provide the solutions you need. Use the company that does it all under one roof and takes testing all the way to pre-commissioning in-factory.

We perform full functional testing of your panels and enclosures. Our objective is to catch every issue—whether they are the result of customer drawings, component suppliers, or customer outsourced engineering companies.
FABRICATION: After finalizing the custom design process, it is time for us to build the control panel fabrication processes can be used for a wide range of tools

WIRING: Cut to length, labeled, and placed into individual harnesses with exacting precision – that’s Systems Control. Every connection we make is functional and durable with outstanding craftsmanship.

CRIMPING: We take the extra step of testing every crimper, every shift, with every employee.

TESTING: Panel wiring, building wiring and integration – all tested with our North American leading Utility Benchmark standard.

CERTIFICATION: ISO 9001:2015 Certified, ICV Certified

SAFETY ALWAYS: Safety Always is paramount to our business and our number one Core Value. It is something we all own: every employee, every minute, every day.